About Me

"Early part of my life was in Beed, where I was born & completed my education till 12th. It was a backward district of Maharashtra then."


I was very active in my school & college & participated in many curricular & co-curricular activities.

Life took a big turn when my school Head Master, Shri M. G. Kulkarni Sir, inspired me to prepare for IIT Entrance Exam when I was in 10th Std. With no resources at hand, I relied on self preparation with whatever books I could gather. Due to strong faith in mother, father & teacher I made it to IIT Bombay in the first attempt. It was a great moment of joy for everyone!

IIT Bombay days

There are no words to describe my eventful life at IIT Bombay. I completed my BTech as well as MTech in Mechanical Engineering.

My love for learning continued even after IIT. While I was working firstly with Reliance & then with Mahindra, I did learn everything that could enrich my life.

Learning beyond IIT

Its fun to keep learning.

In 1999, I decided to quit my high profile corporate job & choose to do what I really love - Teaching....I devoted myself to show the beauty of Science & Mathematics to bright students. I continue to do it even today. During last 20+ years, me and my students interacted, argued, brainstormed and challenged each other. With Intensive learning like this, all of them made their way to great colleges in India & abroad.

My Achievers

More Testimonials

"IIT-JEE preparation is not a sprint, it's a marathon and you were such a wonderful source of motivation for me that I have no words to thank you. Being from Marathi medium, it was very distant target for me at beginning but with continuous support and guidance from you helped me overcome my weakness and difficulties and led to satisfactory performance in JEE-2010. I am grateful to you and Rohit Sir being highly knowledgeable and dedicated faculties, who never hesitated to explain a concept infinite number of times."
Rupesh Chaudhari
Grad : IIT Bombay (M.Tech. – Engineering Physics) PostGrad : MBA (Finance & Operations) FMS Dean's Roll of Honor
"It was my honour to get guided by you. Right from those brain storming sessions where you would use the "Solve and Go" strategy during the classes to the break sessions where you would share your experience with us, tell us biographies of great people & imprint our minds with the dreams of success. I thoroughly enjoyed learning under you. Thank you Sir for being a perfect mentor and a motivator. "
Nishant Udawant
Grad : VNIT - Nagpur PostGrad : NIITE – Mumbai
"It was really good experience. I joined IIT academy when it was relatively new. Sir's insistence on getting concepts right helped to get into right mentality very early in career. If students are taught importance of out of box thinking then it will be very beneficial to them to shine in their careers. "
Dr. Nikhil Londhe
Grad : BITS Pilani PhD : University of Florida-USA
" Well..I left the field:) But sir you helped me feel okay with it. I remember once you told me, if you want to write then I know newspapers where you can write. That moment made me realise, it's okay that I don't want to do what I was doing at that moment. You were one of the first people to make me feel okay with wanting something out of the box. Thank you for that!"
Siddhida Kabara
Grad : Fergusson College Pune Working as Professor : Clinical Psychologist
"My experience was really amazing with you and I really enjoyed it a lot. You were not only a teacher to me who taught me amazing physics but played the role of a friend as well as guide who always showed me the right direction. I was always thinking my problems (academic and personal) are big and I can't deal with them but whenever I shared them with you, you always had a decent smile on your face and a simple solution of my problems. This quality of yours to dealing any problem with an out of the box perspective always fascinated me . Your point of view towards the world as well as study was very different, you showed us the right path to do the study . In my small life time till now I met many good teachers but I am damn sure that I am never going to meet a teacher and a person like you in my further life. Thank you very much Gaikwad sir to be always with me . "
Atharva Parekh
Currently Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering
"Gaikwad sir's insistence on strengthening the fundamentals of students in every topic he taught made learning a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed the way he taught classical Newtonian mechanics and concepts of mathematics. The best part of it was that it induced a confidence in me and most other students that any problem in physics/math could be broken down into simple fundamental thought processes and worked out to a solution- no matter how complex it may have appeared at first. Not only that, he was always ready to give personal attention and feedback to each of his students. He would definitely be among the very best teachers I've ever come across. "
Ajinkya Randive
Grad : K K Wagh College of Engineering Post Grad : Texas A&M - USA
""Gaikwad sir has a really good grasp on the subjects he taught. He would break down difficult to understand concepts into much more practical day to day examples. This made learning really enjoyable and a fun activity. He was always very approachable, encouraging and helped us resolve our queries whenever we had them""
Nachiket Kare
Grad : PICT- Pune PostGrad : MS- Penn State University USA
"Amazing ! your lectures were tailored to developing the thinking ability which in fact is the purpose of education. Without a doubt in my head I would say the two years spent learning under you was one of the best phase of my life . ""
Sarvesh Kale
Grad : Pune PostGrad : IIT Bombay (Pursuing)