"Gaikwad sir is one of the best teachers I have had. He teaches with so much passion that I sincerely enjoyed studying physics and maths under him. He also encourages a free thinking approach and focuses a lot on fundamentals. I'm sure any student of his will have rock solid fundamentals. He would often ask us difficult problem in physics or maths that would take an entire class to solve but in that process our understanding of the subject would increase dramatically. That said, he had a lot of advice and tricks to share to make us exam ready as well. I would strongly recommend studying under Gaikwad sir. It was his coaching and guidance that helped me achieve 421 in JEE and also get selected for InPHO "
Rohan Vadgaonkar
Grad : IIT – Bombay Running his own Startup : Carnot Technologies
"Back in those days, Nashik was still in its infancy in terms of preparing students for IIT-JEE. In those circumstances, Gaikwad sir's class provided a solid foundation and a structure to our preparation, with emphasis placed on learning the core concepts rather than just being exam-oriented. Sir was friendly and enthusiastic about teaching, and always approachable for answering our questions."
Amol Patwardhan
Grad : IIT Bombay PhD : University of California – San Diago
"I had an amazing experience learning basics of physics and mathematics from Gaikwad sir. He has the turning point that my life was waiting for after which my ability to think expanded considerably at the very right age of my life. It was during my 11th and 12th JEE coaching. A guy like me from a small tier-4 town would have never imagined going to IIT if he had not been supported by constant encouragement by teachers like Gaikwad sir. I owe more than 50% of my professional success to him. I really wish he continues to motivate people to achieve great heights if they have an urge to learn. "
Gaurav Bachhav
Grad : IIT Roorkee Post Grad : IIM Bangalore
"I was lucky to receive Gaikwad Sir’s mentorship back in 2004. That has been an inflection point in my life. At that time IIT entrance exam was not well known in Nasik and it was very rare for someone to get into IIT without leaving Nasik for JEE coaching.What Sir provided us was far more important than clearing JEE. He showed us the magic of science and mathematics. As a result studying for JEE (and beyond) never felt like hard work. Instead we had fun while solving problems and learning concepts. This way of learning was far more effective and long-lasting than slogging 12 hours a day, solving millions of problems and memorising definitions. "
Umang Rungta
Grad : IIT Roorkee Working as Business Analyst at eBay UK
"IIT-JEE preparation is not a sprint, it's a marathon and you were such a wonderful source of motivation for me that I have no words to thank you. Being from Marathi medium, it was very distant target for me at beginning but with continuous support and guidance from you helped me overcome my weakness and difficulties and led to satisfactory performance in JEE-2010. I am grateful to you and Rohit Sir being highly knowledgeable and dedicated faculties, who never hesitated to explain a concept infinite number of times."
Rupesh Chaudhari
Grad : IIT Bombay (M.Tech. – Engineering Physics) PostGrad : MBA (Finance & Operations) FMS Dean's Roll of Honor
"It was my honour to get guided by you. Right from those brain storming sessions where you would use the "Solve and Go" strategy during the classes to the break sessions where you would share your experience with us, tell us biographies of great people & imprint our minds with the dreams of success. I thoroughly enjoyed learning under you. Thank you Sir for being a perfect mentor and a motivator. "
Nishant Udawant
Grad : VNIT - Nagpur PostGrad : NIITE – Mumbai
"It was really good experience. I joined IIT academy when it was relatively new. Sir's insistence on getting concepts right helped to get into right mentality very early in career. If students are taught importance of out of box thinking then it will be very beneficial to them to shine in their careers. "
Dr. Nikhil Londhe
Grad : BITS Pilani PhD : University of Florida-USA
" Well..I left the field:) But sir you helped me feel okay with it. I remember once you told me, if you want to write then I know newspapers where you can write. That moment made me realise, it's okay that I don't want to do what I was doing at that moment. You were one of the first people to make me feel okay with wanting something out of the box. Thank you for that!"
Siddhida Kabara
Grad : Fergusson College Pune Working as Professor : Clinical Psychologist
"My experience was really amazing with you and I really enjoyed it a lot. You were not only a teacher to me who taught me amazing physics but played the role of a friend as well as guide who always showed me the right direction. I was always thinking my problems (academic and personal) are big and I can't deal with them but whenever I shared them with you, you always had a decent smile on your face and a simple solution of my problems. This quality of yours to dealing any problem with an out of the box perspective always fascinated me . Your point of view towards the world as well as study was very different, you showed us the right path to do the study . In my small life time till now I met many good teachers but I am damn sure that I am never going to meet a teacher and a person like you in my further life. Thank you very much Gaikwad sir to be always with me . "
Atharva Parekh
Currently Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering
"Gaikwad sir's insistence on strengthening the fundamentals of students in every topic he taught made learning a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed the way he taught classical Newtonian mechanics and concepts of mathematics. The best part of it was that it induced a confidence in me and most other students that any problem in physics/math could be broken down into simple fundamental thought processes and worked out to a solution- no matter how complex it may have appeared at first. Not only that, he was always ready to give personal attention and feedback to each of his students. He would definitely be among the very best teachers I've ever come across. "
Ajinkya Randive
Grad : K K Wagh College of Engineering Post Grad : Texas A&M - USA
""Gaikwad sir has a really good grasp on the subjects he taught. He would break down difficult to understand concepts into much more practical day to day examples. This made learning really enjoyable and a fun activity. He was always very approachable, encouraging and helped us resolve our queries whenever we had them""
Nachiket Kare
Grad : PICT- Pune PostGrad : MS- Penn State University USA
"Amazing ! your lectures were tailored to developing the thinking ability which in fact is the purpose of education. Without a doubt in my head I would say the two years spent learning under you was one of the best phase of my life . ""
Sarvesh Kale
Grad : Pune PostGrad : IIT Bombay (Pursuing)
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