A smart student’s way
to remember Trigonometric Values

The Easiest Method not taught in school

Students struggle. Struggle with trigonometry. They find it tough to remember Sin, Cos, Tan values. It’s not their fault. Schools teach this topic in the most orthodox way.

That is not the end of their misery. 11th & 12th Science stream expects you to remember these values not only till 90 degrees but all the way to 360 degrees. You have to be very fast in recalling them in JEE / NEET. Score less in JEE/NEET & you miss the best colleges by a mile.

And the worst part – there is trigonometry on almost every page of an Engineering Mathematics book.

Don’t worry, I am here to help you. A small course, designed just for you, will solve your problem forever.

I guarantee that you will remember the trigonometric values for key angles from 0 to 360 degrees in two hours. What’s more interesting? You will never forget them. How’s that possible?


I cracked the IIT Entrance Exam without joining any coaching institute. I developed many interesting memorizing methods during that period. I did B.Tech & M.Tech from IIT Bombay and worked with Reliance & Mahindra for 6 years. After that, for the last 22 years, I taught Physics & Mathematics to JEE / NEET  aspirants who made it to the top colleges in India & Abroad.

The method I am going to teach you was used by me & thousands of my students in the last 22 years. It’s a proven method.

It is a graphical Method. Advantage? You use both left & right sides of your brain. The result? Clear understanding and lasting retention.

My promise to you : The method I am going to teach you is so perfect that you’ll never forget these values any time in the future.

You are going to get a bonus too! Beautiful & colour charts in the pdf format will be given to you. You can print them & paste them in your study room.

Which students should enroll for this program? Ideally students from 10th std onwards should take this. Eager learners from 7th -9th std are also welcome to join. They too will understand it well. It’s very easy. Just try it.

Is it only for bright students? No, The method is so simple that it helps front benchers as well as back benchers. Infact, it is going to create a possibility for back benchers to become front benchers. 🙂

Is it going to burden me? No, In Fact it is going to be fun to memorize. As you remember the values, you can solve questions quickly and accurately. That is going to reduce your study burden. I will prove it to you if you join.

How much does it cost? Well, timewise it is going to cost you two hours. Not much. As far as money is concerned, it is going to be less than the price of a Pizza, if you use new year discount coupon code (NY2022) during enrollement. There is hardly anything to lose but so much to gain.

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