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“Gaikwad sir is one of the best teachers I have had. He teaches with so much passion that I sincerely enjoyed studying physics and maths under him. He also encourages a free thinking approach and focuses a lot on fundamentals. I’m sure any student of his will have rock solid fundamentals. He would often ask us difficult problem in physics or maths that would take an entire class to solve but in that process our understanding of the subject would increase dramatically. That said, he had a lot of advice and tricks to share to make us exam ready as well. I would strongly recommend studying under Gaikwad sir. It was his coaching and guidance that helped me achieve 421 in JEE and also get selected for InPHO ”

Rohan Vadgaonkar
Grad : IIT – Bombay Running his own Startup : Carnot Technologies
“Back in those days, Nashik was still in its infancy in terms of preparing students for IIT-JEE.
In those circumstances, Gaikwad sir’s class provided a solid foundation and a structure to our preparation, with emphasis placed on learning the core concepts rather than just being exam-oriented.
Sir was friendly and enthusiastic about teaching, and always approachable for answering our questions.”

Amol Patwardhan
Grad : IIT Bombay PhD : University of California – San Diago
“I had an amazing experience learning basics of physics and mathematics from Gaikwad sir. He has the turning point that my life was waiting for after which my ability to think expanded considerably at the very right age of my life. It was during my 11th and 12th JEE coaching. A guy like me from a small tier-4 town would have never imagined going to IIT if he had not been supported by constant encouragement by teachers like Gaikwad sir.
I owe more than 50% of my professional success to him. I really wish he continues to motivate people to achieve great heights if they have an urge to learn. ”

Gaurav Bachhav
Grad : IIT Roorkee Post Grad : IIM Bangalore
“I was lucky to receive Gaikwad Sir’s mentorship back in 2004. That has been an inflection point in my life. At that time IIT entrance exam was not well known in Nasik and it was very rare for someone to get into IIT without leaving Nasik for JEE coaching.What Sir provided us was far more important than clearing JEE. He showed us the magic of science and mathematics. As a result studying for JEE (and beyond) never felt like hard work. Instead we had fun while solving problems and learning concepts. This way of learning was far more effective and long-lasting than slogging 12 hours a day, solving millions of problems and memorising definitions. ”

Umang Rungta
Grad : IIT Roorkee Working as Business Analyst at eBay UK